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My Name is Jill Zandstra.   I am a certified massage therapist (CMT).  I enjoy being in a profession where I can provide a safe relaxing, educated space to practice massage and help people achieve a pain free stress free life.

I offer the following massage and will continue to add to my education so please visit often to get updates: 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the one most people are familiar with, in which oils and lotions are used to do mostly effleurage and petrasage strokes. "Effleurage" is the gliding motion of the hands up and down the body, while "petrasage" is the "milking" action of grabbing the muscles and kneading them.

Medical Massage

Medical massage is used for several different physician diagnosed issues.  Just a few of the reasons I use medical massage are to rehabilitate injuries once no longer in acute stage, ie: knee/hip replacements, rotator cuff strain/surgery, back and neck fusion along with break down scar tissue. I also work with Multiple sclerosis and Fibromyalgia to help reduce pain and improve over all health.

 Deep connective tissue massage

Deep connective tissue massage releases tension in the fascia to relieve chronic pain. This intense form of therapeutic massage combines aspects of Swedish massage and myofascial release to heal dysfunction. Deep tissue massage is a commonly asked for massage in spa and clinical settings. It is used to address pain in a specific area and is commonly used.

 Infant Massage Classes for parents or one on one sessions in my studio or your home

I teach parents how to massage their little one from age 0-2yrs old. This is one of the most powerful things you can do for your baby and for yourself! Listed below are some of the benefits of massage for infants: 

  • Speeds myelination of brain & nervous system

  • Increased body awareness

  • Enhances ability to handle input & respond with relaxation

  • Raises infant's stimulation threshold

  • Reduction of stress

  • Increased appetite (great for premature babies)

  • Improvement in sleep patters

  • Helps relieve discomfort from gas, COLIC and constipation

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Helps with digestion

  • Stimulates growth hormone (great for premature babies)

  • Improves immune function

  • Deepens Bonding

Daily infant massage may assist to ward of POST-PARTUM BLUES.  When a mother touches her baby, it increases her prolactin & oxytocin-The Nurturing Hormone-thus fostering nurturing feelings towar the baby.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage, also called prenatal massage, is a good way to relieve some of the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is hard on a woman's body. The added weight and relaxing of the ligaments that occur during pregnancy is stressful on the joints, especially the pelvis. Carrying the baby causes the pelvis to tilt. This puts pressure on the lower back. There is also a lot of stress put on the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Getting massaged during pregnancy can:

  • decrease symptoms of depression
  • reduce anxiety
  • relieve muscle aches
  • lessen joint pains
  • regulate hormones
  • reduce swelling
  • improve labor outcomes
  • improve newborn health

Pregnancy massage can also relieve nerve pain. Sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes occur during pregnancy.

Chair Massage 

Chair massage is a relaxing type of massage that re-energizes tired muscles and eases aches and pains. On-site massage is convienient, fast, effective and is a perfect introduction to massage. When you get an on-site massage in a massage chair you stay fully clothed. The therapist uses no oils or lotions. Most massages last about 15 minutes, but you can get massages as short as a few minutes long.





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